Our children are our pride and joy. The most treasured parts of our lives. The people that we love more than anyone else! That?s why, when you leave them with someone other than us, it can be nerve-wracking. But hiring someone to watch our children ? at least from time to time ? is pretty much inevitable because? let?s face it? we just can?t do it all!

If you find yourself needing childcare, look no further than?Pink Nannies?. We are a nanny agency with more than a decade of experience. We specialize in providing permanent, part-time and temporary childcare for families. We are based in?Cleveland, Ohio, but we can provide care around the country.

At?Pink Nannies?, we cater to any?family?s?needs ? from a long-term position to once-in-awhile overnight care. No matter the placement, we treat every client as part of our family and give the utmost care and compassion to each child. It?s our mission to work alongside parents as they journey through parenthood by providing reliable, credible and trustworthy childcare.

If you?re one of the many parents looking for dependable childcare, it?s a great idea to check out a nanny service like ours. Here are the top three benefits of working with us.

We find the perfect match between a family and a nanny!

We know how busy the life of a parent can be. That?s why we take the work of finding a nanny off your plate, let Pink Nannies? support you through this process! We learn about you, any requirements and what you are looking for in a nanny to start our personalized match process! At Pink Nannies?, our unique matching system allows each nanny to be matched with a family that?s the perfect fit ? and vice versa. We start our match process by meeting with every family in person to get to understand their core values and morals. Once we learn about each family we start the NannyMatch?? process, finding the perfect nanny with the same core values and morals to bring into your home. Our unique NannyMatch?? process provides our families with compatible and qualified nannies to care for their children and join each family. We take pride in the work we do and love finding you that perfect match!

We do all of the background work too.

When you hire us, you don?t need to worry about screening candidates, checking references or conducting background checks ? because we?ve already done that. Any nanny candidate that we send your way has already been interviewed, screened and background checked by us. Our 10-point assessment process ensures only quality candidates. Did you know only 20% of our nanny candidates pass our NannyMatch?? screening process?

We handle all of the logistics.

When you hire a nanny, you become that person?s legal employer. You probably didn?t think about all of the responsibilities that come with that ? such as contracts, payroll, employment agreements and practices, state labor laws, overtime, health insurance, benefits, performance reviews, and salaries. But we did. And we?ll handle it all for you when you work with us.

At Pink Nannies?, we work hard every day to be your personal nanny matchmaker. And did you know that the ?pink? in Pink Nannies? actually stands for four of our core values?

P ? We?re passionate about childcare and finding the perfect match for our families and nannies.
I ? We?re inspired each day by the children, families, and nannies that we work alongside.
N ? Our nannies are nurturing.
K ? Our nannies are knowledgeable.
Are you a family looking for a nanny, sitter, or mothers helper? We would love to hear from you. Start your search today in finding the perfect match for you and your family!